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    Studying made Easy
    School practice tests and exercises
    Grades 4 - 10 in English and Afrikaans
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    Improved results
    Build your confidence and perform better
    in exams and tests by familiarising yourself
    with the exam format and subject content.
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    Easy to use
    Multiple question types
    with automatic marking
    Download or print exercises and memos.
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Welcome to Study Hall

Study Hall has developed an online interactive platform that enables school learners to access test and exercise resources based on the CAPS Curriculum in South Africa, preparing students more effectively than just studying the curriculum content as well as improving long term retention of the subject matter.

Our exercises include a wide range of question types typically found in exams and tests and cover subjects from
grade 4 - grade 10 in both English and Afrikaans.
Exercises can be completed online and include automatic marking with topic based results and answers, students can also print and download both exercises and memos to complete offline.

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Our Community version is specifically aimed at students and learners in South African schools who wish to supplement their exam and test preparation by including exercises and tests created specifically for their current curriculum and grade. This version is available in English and Afrikaans.


Quality exercises for your grade at anytime
Our content providers are continually creating quality and relevant exercises and adding these to our library on a daily basis. As new exercises are added in your grade our system you will automatically allocate them to your subscription.

Complete exercises on-line with grading and results at your fingertips.
Once you have completed an exercise online your answers are graded with access to the relevant answers thereby allowing you to instantly evaluate how well you know the subject matter by question and topic. Exercises can be done multiple times.


Specifically designed for Schools and educators who wish to build exercises and tests for their own students. This complete solution includes a on-line management system that allows educators to manage their exercises, students as well as view the results of each student in real-time.


Purchase ready made exercises
In addition to creating your own exercises and tests each subscription comes with complete exercises for the different grades and subjects from the current CAPS curriculum, including past exam papers. Additional exercises can also be purchased on demand from our portal or partner websites.

Different subscriptions available depending on your requirements
We offer different subscription packages to cater for the different school size and number of pupils in each school. This allows smaller schools to have the same advantage as bigger schools at at a more affordable cost.

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